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Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of & making choices toward a healthy & fulfilling life; more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change & growth.


Massage is to work and act on the body with pressure. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a device.


Deep cleanse, scrub, ozone steaming, pores cleansing with suction, massage, mask, tone & moisturise. Specific advanced facial treatments also available.

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Permanent Makeup

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Full Body With Standard £63

Full Body With Brazilian £70

Full Body With Hollywood £80

Full Leg Inc Bikini from £20

Full Leg Inc Bikini & Underarms from £25

Full Leg £18

Half Leg £12

¾ Leg Inc Bikini & Underarms £27

Bikini Line from £8

Brazilian from £15

Hollywood from £25

Full Arms from £15

Half Arms £10

Fore Arms £12

Under Arms £8


A SAFE AND EFFECTIVE METHOD OF PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. A sterile disposable needle is used for each and every treatment.

Advanced 15 mins £25

Advanced 30 mins £48

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Avail one of our serene waxing services today

Full Face £15

Eyebrow £5

Forehead £3

HD Brow £20

Cheeks £6

Upper Lip £2

Chin £3

Neck £5

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint £15

Eyebrow Tint £8

Eyelash Tint £8

Eyelash Perm £25

Individual Eyelash Extension £15

IPL treatment are quick end painless. The hair follicle is precisely targeted resulting in a more efficient treatment.

Lower Leg £150

Lip £40

Upper Leg £150

Chin £50

Chest £90

Bikini £70

Under Arms £70

Back & Neck £150

Full Arms £120

Forearms £90

Blow Dry (medium) £16

Artistic Blow Dry £25

Artistic curling with iron £28

Cut & Blow Dry £20

Re Style £22

Hair up from £20

Long hair service additional charge £10

Have you ever imagined not having to straighten hair in the morning even when it rains? Never frizzle your hair and have silky, soft and manageable hair every day. Please obtain a personal quote

Prices start from £150.

Full colour from £45

Highlights from £45

Full colour and highlights from £65

Roots touching from £25

Conditioning and repair from £25

Perming from £35

Kids hair cut under 12 from £7

Tint regrowth from £25

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Hair Services

Treat yourself to Blow-Dry, Bridal Hair, Colour or Highlights

Make up - Day and Evening £40

Bridal Hair and Make up £150

Walima Make up £150

Engagement Hair & Make up £100

Party Hair & Make up £60

Bridegroom £40

Have you ever imagined not having to straighten hair in the morning even when it rains? Never frizzle your hair and have silky, soft and manageable hair every day. Please obtain a personal quote

Hands only from £50

All prices depend on design. Glitter and embellishments all available to match outfit

Feet from £30

Deep cleansing facial with Skin polishing, eye brow and upper lip threading


Full Bridal Makeup and Hair with dupatta setting, hair accessories and eye lashes


Group discount available

Makeup Services

Choose from our wide range of makeover services to refresh your life!

Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep cleanse, scrub, ozone steaming, pores cleansing with suction, massage, mask, tone & moisturise.

1 Hour £35

Course of 6 £180

Chinese Herbal Facial (Mian Bu Hu Liao)

CONTAINS ALL THE DEEP CLEANSING ELEMENTS BUT EVERYTHING USED IS HERBAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE. Deep cleanse, scrub, skin polishing, black head remover with suction, Chinese herbal massage, herbal masks, floral spray, moisturise.

1 Hour £40

Course of 6 £210


Murad Blemish Facial

Whether you have just broken out all of a sudden or you have congested skin with imperfections, this facial is for you. Pores deeply cleaned & soothed.

1 Hour £50

Course of 6 £ 240

Skin Polish

A mask that lightens the skin tone and facial hair. Preferred method over bleaching due to side affects associated with bleaching. Can do alone or with any facial.

Alone £18

With Facial £9

Full Face & Neck £25

Full Body £80


Repechage Four Layer Facial

THIS UNIQUE SEAWEED BASED PREMIUM FACIAL GIVES INSTANT RESULTS. Skin looks vibrant, soft glowing complexion improved texture, mineral & rich vitamins.

1 hour £65

Course of 6 £300

Repechage Vita Cuta Triple Action Firming Facial

True alternative to surgical intervention! Provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin. Specially designed to uplift, invigorate, lift and firm the skin. Includes a micro peel which help uncover a vibrant complexion. • Preserves elasticity and firmness • An afterglow that lasts • Advanced Skin Repair

1 Hour 30mins £ 75

Course of 6 £360

Biolight Brightening Facial

Ideal facial for blemish prone skin and those left with post acne marks. Improves local blemishes as well as overall skin tone

Individual £ 60

Course of 6 £300

Highly recommended. Must follow home care regime for optimal results and effects.

Hopi ear candle - with any facial treatment £25

Bioskin Las Scaring Treatment

Treat Anti-aging, stretch marks, scar tissue, acne and blemishes. Chroma Clear produces a gentle tapping action that gently exfoliates the skin tissue leaving behind a complexion with new found Luminosity and youthful vitality. Consultation is necessary

Single Treatment £65

Course of 6 £300

Cleansing Back Treatment

The back is an area often neglected, this complete treatment acts like a facial. A unique diagnostic massage combines with deep cleansing as well as purifying and balancing Essential Oils decongest, hydrate and restore clarity to this delicate area, making the skin clearer, brighter and healthier.

Single Treatment £30

Can be added to any facial for £25

Non Surgical Facelift

Sorisa Micro Current therapy offers the first real alternative to cosmetic surgery. Perfector face-lifting is a structured six stage anti-ageing treatment using combinations of micro current, frequency & wave form unique to perfector.

1 session £25

Course of 6 £240

Skin Rejuvenation

BENEFICIAL EFFECTS ON:• Hyperpigmentation • Pimple & acne • Scarring • Mole remover • Sun damage • Anti-wrinkle • Uneven skin tone • Stretch marks

Single Treatment £65

Course of 6 £300

End Firming Treatments

Soothe, refresh and revive the delicate eye area. Relieve tiredness and reveal fresher, brighter, eyes. A combination of regular in salon treatment and home care can help eliminate the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine or deep lines. Individual treatment plans are devised for each client.

Single Treatment £25

Course of 12 £240

Home care from £25

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Select from one of these treatments to rejuvenate.


Eye brow £250

Lash liner (eye lash enhancement) £150

Eye liner £200

Eye liner bottom £100

Perfect Brows £250

Full lips - sexy lips £450

Beauty spot £50

Last up to 5 years. Buy any two get one half price.

Ideal for arthritis, deep tissue and muscular pain relief

Thai Massage 1 hour £35

Aromatherapy message 1 hour £35

Chinese herbal deep massage 1 hour £40

Back, neck, & shoulder massage 30mins £20

Indian head massage 35mins £25

Indian head massage 1 hour £35

Feet Aroma zone massage 40mins £20

All body massage: Buy six get one free!

An ancient therapeutic massage, great for eye strain, headaches and general neck and shoulder tension.

35 mins £25

1 HOUR £35

Manicure 50mins £20

Effective treatment for the hands, includes cleanse exfoliate, paraffin leaves the hands softer smoother, firm & more attractive.

Pedicure 1 hour 15 mins £30

Includes cleanse, exfoliate, massage, thermal purifying mask & booties. Finishing with polishing toe nails.

Pedicure Buy 6 get 1 free £150

Select your body enhancing program: • Slimming & Inchloss • Toning & Shaping • Anti- Cellulite, Detox & Drainage • Lift, Tighten & Firm • Body Sculpting • Multi Body • Rehabilitation • Holistic Fitness

Per session £35

Course of 12 £300

Choose your rejuvenation program • No Surgical Facelift • Toning & Shaping • Deep Muscle Tone • Skin Tone • Lymphatic Drainage • Wrinkle Reduction • Circulation & Detox • Hydrating Massage

Per session £30

Hot towels impregnated with essential oils relax the feet & lower legs before a stimulating warm massage balm is applied with a unique reflex point massage. Feet and lower legs are immediately relaxed, circulation is stimulated & excess Fluids are dispersed, leaving your feet feeling fresh & light.

1 hour £30

Sorisa Termoslim

Suitable for the treatment of cellulite & obesity, it can also be used indirectly to ease the pain of arthritic conditions. This machine offers pre-set programmes to suit your individual client’s requirements as well as the specific zones of the body. Effective slimming treatment it also reduces cellulite, reduces the build up of toxins, increases circulation within the treatment area. Relaxes the muscles & eases muscle inflammation.

Per session £35

Course of 12 £300 (Save £120)

Course of 24 £480 (Save £360

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